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most4linux - A MOST driver implementation for Linux

What is most4linux?

most4linux provides a Linux kernel driver for MOST PCI interfaces and userspace programs to test the driver.
The driver can be compiled for Linux 2.6 or for the RTDM which works for the realtime extensions RTAI and Xenomai.
It also provides a NetServices adaptation layer for the Linux operating system.
The driver was developed at Siemens CT SE 2 with friendly support by OASIS Silicon Systems/SMSC.

What is MOST?

MOST stands for Media Oriented System Transport and is an Infotainment Bus for automotive systems. Originally, it was developed by OASIS Silicon Systems.
It's a serial bus system to transfer audio, video and data signals over a plastic optic fiber connection.

It supports

What are MOST NetServices?

The MOST NetServices Application Programming Interface (API) provides a software interface to the MOST Network low level system services. MOST NetServices provides access to all data transportation mechanisms on a MOST Network, while at the same time ensuring compatibility with the MOST Specification.
It was developed by OASIS Silicon Systems as platform independent C source code provided as a library.
Because the copyrights for the source code are held by OASIS, this project does not provide the NetServices API. So only an adaptation layer to the Linux operating system is provided. Of course providing a NetServices adaptation layer makes no sense without the NetServices API, but in case you have purchased a license from OASIS Silicon Systems, you are able to use it with most4linux. If you haven't already purchased a license, most4linux also provides program samples to use this driver without the NetServices API.

What comes with most4linux?

The most4linux package consists of The most4linux kernel driver consists of

Is there support for transfer of asynchronous data?

Not yet. Currently the implemented part includes transfer of synchronous data and control data.

How can I use this driver package without MOST NetServices?

There are 4 examples provided by this package, which show how this driver can be used without the MOST NetServices API:

Which licenses are used for most4linux?

most4linux is distributed under the following licenses: