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most4linux - A MOST driver implementation for Linux

Bernhard Walle

He wrote the MOST driver for Linux and RTAI as part of his Diploma Thesis. After this, he is not really active in development of this driver as he doesn't have access to real MOST hardware. ;) Now he works at SUSE in the Architecture Maintenance team (mostly x86_64). He can be reached at bernhard at bwalle dot de.

Steve Kreyer

After Bernhard finished his thesis, Steve polished the driver a bit (real build system with autoconf) and implemented the free NetServices minimal example. He now writes his Diploma Thesis at Siemens, but not related to the MOST driver. His mail address is steve dot kreyer at web dot de.

Gernot Hillier

Gernot Hillier works for the Corporate Competence Center Embedded Linux at Siemens AG, CT SE 2 in Munich (MchP) where he supervised the Diploma Thesis of Bernhard. He's the current maintainer of MOST4Linux. His email account is gernot dot hillier at siemens dot com.